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My two volumes of poetry, Mad Crazy Love: Love Poems and Mad Songs, and Ladder of Words, both published in 2011, were reviewed by noted psychohistorian Howard F. Stein, in the psychohistory journal Clio's Psyche, Volume 19, Number 3, December 2012, in an essay called "Poetry and Psychohistory". He says:

 "The two recent books of poetry by Molofsky would, for my taste, make for wonderful preparation for a psychohistorian who is studying American culture today, the past 60 years of American life, or the sense of place in New York City or in one's own body. As I read these often raw, emotionally demanding poems, I find my imagination as well as my intellect engaged in fathoming the times, places, relationships, and feelings Molofsky writes about.... For the reader who wants to feast upon good contemporary poetry, I recommend these two books" (pp. 344-345).

Merle Molofsky is a gracious person, a perceptive and accomplished psychoanalyst, and a writer of extraordinary depth, complexity and caring.....

~ Gerald J. Gargiulo PHD

author of: Broken Fathers/Broken Sons; Psyche, Self & Soul

"Merle Molofsky’s Streets 1970 is a must-read for anyone who wants a deeply thought-provoking, well-written novel. Its dialogue and questions both raise doubts and offer profound answers. Merle is a gifted and highly intelligent storyteller who paints her stories in words so descriptive you feel as if you are looking at pictures, watching a movie or analyzing paintings. The contents and topics are classic with incredible depth. They are as relevant today as they were in the 1970’s. Do not miss this one!” 

                              ~ Judith Logue, Ph.D, Senior Training & Supervising Psychoanalyst, Center for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis of NJ

"It is all too rare to find a writer who balances profundity, power and precision with grace, elegance and wit. Merle Molofsky is that uncommonly insightful, intelligent and sensitive writer who can mobilize a genuinely masterful command of language, structure and tone to create easy accessibility to complex thought and a wide range of knowledge, with equally compelling style and substance.

Whether it is her poetry, prose fiction, analytic essays or critical reviews that first invite your attention, engaging with all her writings will certainly provide you with intellectual nourishment and emotional satisfaction….while her piquant, playful sense of humor beguiles you all the while you are cognitively and affectively immersed in the adventure of her extraordinary talent."

~ Jonathan, Brooklyn, NY

Merle is a spectacular and courageous woman who knows the terrain of moving through "the wall of terror" we all face to transforming who she is ... and she continues on doing so. This is evident in her writings and her poetry, which I find profoundly moving, and have the ability to transform how we see ourselves and our universe. That being said, Merle has healed herself from stage 4 lung cancer (statistically, one of the most deadly of all cancers). She is a brilliant, insightful, and loving psychoanalyst, and a gift to anyone interested in their own personal transformation. Merle has realized many of her own gifts already, and I look forward to see what gifts will blossom next!

~Robert Jokel, Mahopac, NY

Merle's writing has a fierce and terrible beauty, with a purity and timelessness that pierce the soul.

~Aideen Nunan, Psychoanalyst, NYC

In the Acknowledgments section of his book, The Day the Crabs Got Out: The Revival of Black America, 2015, Eddie Taylor, PhD, writes,

“Thanks to Merle Molofsky for sharing her insights as a supporter of the NAACP and her dedication to uplifting humanity” (page vii).

"Merle never ceases to amaze me with her thought-provoking brilliance, humor and savvy view of this mystical world we live in."

- Sarah, Woodstock, NY

Molofsky gives the reader a provocative dose of Americana that is equal parts poetic, visionary, gritty, mythical. Fans of her "Embodied by Word-Music", "Ladder of Words", and "Mad Crazy Love" will find the same engaging, amusing, and intellectually challenging style that she consistently delivers.

- Brent Potter, Ph.D., Author, "Elements of Destruction".  

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