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A fragment here, glint of light there,

A sprinkle of something, rain or snow,

A splash, a splatter, a dash, a rainbow,

A sandstorm, tornado, a sudden flare --

And then? As if? As if the web embedded soul

In time and substance, energy and matter.

Internal nattering, a constant perseverant chatter,

A driven shred of story, shrieking, there must be a goal.

Once upon a time we went to sleep

And dreamed and then rolled over, slept again,

While guardian angels drew so close – and then?

Once upon a time we slept so deep

It was as if we’d been asleep for days.

And nights. And moons. Eternal ages

Safe from pains and griefs and rages

And mournful moods. Here sheep may safely graze

Or not. This life won’t count. Do over. Recount.

Three out of five. All I need is one more chance.

Have we met before? May I have this dance?

If I receive the Law descending from the Mount

Do I win or what? Game on? Game over?

Sit. Stay. Beg. Roll over.

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