Merle Molofsky

Poet and psychoanalyst: read and resonate


"Planets are made from interstellar dust, and so are all creatures on planets."  
                                                                                        ~ Michael Barlow, Astronomer, University College London  


Two question marks on their way down a road  

encounter each other, decipher the code:  

Two question marks, face to face, create a heart.  


What were you seeking and what did you find?  

What was I seeking in the land of the blind?  

What were we asking and what did we learn?  

If hearts are aflame -- do they burn?  


At the point of intersection,   

where we punctuated skin to skin,  

we balanced on a single shared point  

as each went deep within --  


A single supernova formed a ring of cosmic dust,  

six million miles or more of light  

surrounding what was once  

a sun as brilliant as our own,  

on fire, bursting, shattered,  

a space now turning inward toward  

a center cold as cold can be,  

minus 240 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale,  

a measure we use here on Earth, a life-sustaining planet  

in the galaxy forming a pathway,   

creamy as mother's milk in an eternity of sky,  

brilliant with more gleaming suns  

than angels dancing on the head of a pin.  


         "Where are you going, my pretty maid?"  

         "I'm going a-milking, sir," she said.  


What questions were we asking as we slowly groped our way,  

what quest were we attempting in the light show of the night?  

What accident of cosmic dust asked questions of the two of us  

as somehow somewhere we interlocked  

and found the space that kept two hearts apart  

and entered into sudden close embrace  

and formed the ever-miracle of a questioning single heart:  

Is it You?  Is it I?  

Is it really?